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System Approach to Test Automation

test automationWe have been creating automated tests since 2011. Since then, we have successfully completed over 50 test automation projects, acquired vast experience in the sphere, and developed an integrated approach to automation testing.

Our company applies CI/CD (Continuous Integration/ Сontinuous Deployment) for all the projects. We integrate our automated tests to the CI/CD processes from the very start and benefit immediately, thus justifying your investment in automated testing. We provide a high level of testing arrangement through professional management and ensure the best practices of automated tests and product quality control for your project. We apply all available automation related tools and efficient approaches in our work, such as Test Driven Development, which is often used in the Agile projects. Our test automation engineers are aficionados of Data Driven Testing. We have accumulated large experience during the use of this approach, which allows us to cover and stabilize the most crucial parts of a product efficiently and swiftly.

Video Testimonials

Featured Test Automation Cases

Read our cases of the projects we implemented. Each of them will help you understand the way test automation improves the product and solves various quality-related challenges.

Our Test Automation Services

Web App/Web Interface Testing

Most often we apply a stable and reliable platform called Selenium/WebDriver, but we are not limited to this tool and use other frameworks, such as RestAssured, Appium, Cucumber, Robot Framework.

Unit Testing

Unit testing of REST API, classes, components, frameworks, apps, and services written in Java with the help of JUnit/TestNG (including other Java technologies and libraries). We provide comprehensive work to stabilize all app constituents and apply Data Driven Testing to automate «narrow» and unstable system parts. We create frameworks and architectures to enable more extensible and sustainable testing of your product.

Integration Testing

We conduct an audit, consulting, and technological research as our services in order to select suitable tools. We also create specialized frameworks. That way, with the help of our high level of design skills we efficiently solve challenges on the clients’ projects (such as those with a complex SOA architecture) and provide integration testing of large-scale products with lots of subsystems. That type of service also includes drawing up test plans, creating test cases, executing tests after module integration, identifying bugs, and retesting after their fixes (regression testing). We have solid experience and solve complex tasks related to integration testing, applying the best Java approaches and practices.

Tests Run Infrastructure (CI/CD and DevOps)

Test run infrastructure (CI/CD and DevOps), including configuring CI servers (we usually apply Jenkins) on your or our servers.

Consulting on How to Integrate Test Automation for Your Project

At the planning or implementing test automation, a customer may experience certain challenges, questions, or additional risks. Regardless of the service type provided, we always discuss and solve the customers’ issues and share our experience. Still, there are cases when a customer may require professional consulting. These consultations can be combined with coaching and presence of our experts in the customer’s office for deeper audit and experience exchange. If the case is even more complicated or at the instance of customer key business executives, our company’s CEO Dzmitry Harachka (who also provides IT consulting services as an independent expert, zmicer.consulting) is involved to solve the most complex project issues.

Test Management

Test management: planning (including the choice of suitable infrastructure and frameworks), approving a test strategy and test plans, managing test development, aligning with a regression strategy, providing customer reports, participating in product release control.

We always adapt to the customer’s needs and together create a suitable cooperation approach:

  • Cooperation in terms of a single service (a product requires only test automation).
  • Several types of services (test automation and CI/CD integration).
  • Full range of services (build a project from scratch, including consulting, management, development, testing, and CI/CD integration).

*In case when we are collaborating in terms of product development, the fulfillment of test automation is included in the provided service.

Deep Test Automation Expertise

Automated Testing Stages

Analysis — Test Management — CI/CD — Synchronisation with Manual Testing — Automated Tests Creation — UI Tests Creation — Automated Tests Run (Scheduled and on-demand automated tests run) — Release Management — Documentation Development


Issues with Project Quality? We Are Ready to Help!

Our company applies test automation on all the performed and underway projects, as it is our culture and technology values. Let’s examine those situations, where test automation is strongly required:

  • There is a large number of integrations on your project, and you need to check whether all the system parts, including those beyond your control, work without fail.
  • You plan to carry out a large-scale long-term project with many business functions and intend to reduce costs on testing in the long term.
  • You are aimed at releasing products as often as possible. For example, once a week. 
  • A large dev team is engaged in the project, and you wish to maximize the independence of each team member.
  • There is no way you can stabilize the quality level of your product by other means, such as manual testing and management measures.

Any of the mentioned factors should make you think about the need to implement test automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The same bugs are constantly reproduced on your project?

We will conduct a systematic analysis of your quality assurance approach. We will implement the best practices: CI/CD, Unit and regression testing, DDT. That way, we will comprehensively eliminate the cause of such situations.

Your project has a large codebase that needs refactoring?

We have extensive experience in refactoring complex, hard-to-maintain codebases. On the stage of the source code refactoring, we assess the product state in terms of architecture, technologies used, and processes performed, and provide ways for further development of the code. Before starting the work on the codebase, we try to create the necessary Unit and Data Driven tests to control the system stability during further changes. All the found issues are covered by Unit tests that prevent bug recurrence. Thus we provide regression testing of our fixes in all product versions, which stabilizes the refactoring process even further.

Is your product still under development and contains a lot of bugs?

We will set up professional processes that allow you to swiftly influence the product quality and provide you with all the required test management tools.

Not sure which manual test cases to automate?

We make a bunch of test cases for manual and automated testing regularly. Based on the code analysis, we automate 20% of test cases which ensure 80% of your product stability, according to the Pareto law. We apply the tools, such as TestRail, TestLink, and Jira, which allow us to track the test coverage level.





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