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Angular 2. Web API imitation

    Very often while developing a frontend side of a web application a necessity of server side imitation occurs: create a stub to be able to implement the functionality of making requests and data receiving, while the server side hasn’t been..

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    Using of Google Maps API in React application

      Introduction Google presents API convenient for working with geographical maps on any platform (Android, iOS, Web). Meanwhile it is accompanied by full documentation with clear and useful examples. Work with a map is often used in projects, whether it be..

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      Generating reports in BIRT

        Introduction In the first article on BIRT technology, there was made a simple report template that displays some data from the database in a tabular form. This is a simple database, which is used in a small web application. The..

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        Running tests with Karma and Jasmine manual

          Karma Karma is a console tool for running tests, which can track source code changes and display the percentage of code tests coverage. It is adjusted using the configuration file karma.conf.js, where the paths to tested files and to the..

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          Why do you need to conduct code review?

            Improves the code quality: two heads are better than one. Knowing that the code will be reviewed by someone the developer writes code more attentively. The developer will comment code in a better way to avoid a big amount of..

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            Manual for XPath Study

              Our company staff has created manual for XPath Study. It is written in simple and accessible language and is primarily intended for automation testers studying at the training course held in the company. But we are confident that this manual is..

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