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Materials related to Manual

User Manual “Installer Creation Using Inno Setup”

    This article will focus on Inno Setup – a convenient tool intended to package applications for Windows OS. Why Inno Setup? “Inno Setup today rivals and even surpasses many commercial installers in feature set and stability,” the developer’s official website..

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    Directive AngularJS. Life cycle

      Данное руководство будет полезно разработчику, который уже знаком с основами фреймворка AngularJS и уже умеет создавать собственные директивы, знает, что такое объект идентификации директивы и его особенности, которые подробно описаны в официальной документации. В данном руководстве мы подробно рассмотрим жизненный..

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      Running tests with Karma and Jasmine manual

        Karma is a console tool for running tests, which can track source code changes and display the percentage of code tests coverage. It is adjusted using the configuration file karma.conf.js, where the paths to tested files and to the files..

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        Manual for XPath Study

          Our company staff has created manual for XPath Study. It is written in simple and accessible language and is primarily intended for automation testers studying at the training course held in the company. But we are confident that this manual is..

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