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Materials related to Events

Spring holiday in JazzTeam

    The morning of March the 7th for the girls of Soligorsk office began with romantic music with a guitar, compliments and, of course, flowers. The men of our company came up with the original holiday script, which made the female..

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    Holiday for real men

      This year Men’s day celebration was the most significant in the history of JazzTeam. The girls decided not to limit themselves to simple congratulations and just presentation of gifts, but to arrange a real challenge. To tickle the nerves, the..

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      How JazzTeam celebrated its 7th anniversary

        This year we celebrated a corporate party for 2 days in different cities: in Minsk and in Soligorsk. One of the fascinating entertainments in the program was visiting an indoor golf club with modern simulators and various training fields. Firstly..

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        Office party for JazzTeam ladies

          International Women’s Day is one of the gentlest holidays of the year, after all we congratulate the most beautiful half of humanity: our women. On the eve of this spring holiday the man’s half of the office of JazzTeam organized..

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          Defender’s day at JazzTeam

            There is one holiday fully dedicated to male population, especially to militaries, it is called Defender of the Fatherland Day. Women express gratitude to men for their bravery, strength and honor. Traditionally, the ladies of JazzTeam also buy presents and..

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            Love is… JazzTeam

              Saint Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest, romantic and gentle days of the year. We know St. Valentine as a patron of all couples in love, but who said that such a romantic holiday can not be celebrated at..

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              Secret Santa in JazzTeam

                New Year is really close and our team decided not to break with established traditions in the company and perform an anonymous gifts exchange ceremony “Secret Santa” this year too. The point of this event is that employees give each..

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                Ladies’ Day in JazzTeam

                  A beautiful day, wonderful flowers and the magic mood were presented to us by our male colleagues. The holiday was felt from the very morning because our boys adorned working places and offices with flowers and balloons. We were treated..

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