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Materials related to Alfresco

Creating an Application with ExtJS and Alfresco

    Client part: Ext JS is a JavaScript library for building web applications and user interfaces. It supports AJAX technology, animation, working with DOM, implementation of grids, tabs, events handling. Server part: Alfresco – an integrated content management system for organizations...

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    Alfresco ECM extension

      Alfresco ECM is a system for the organization of the company’s internal portal. Alfresco ensures joint work of employees by providing the following main features: Joint work with documents. Joint work with articles on the internal portal using Wiki approach...

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      The list of Alfresco services

        Alfresco is an integrated Enterprise Content Management system. Alfresco combines server and database. The interaction between client and server is by way of REST-services. REST is an architectural style of web-services based on existing well known standards  (such as HTTP,..

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