Test automation

We have gained a vast experience in test automation at all levels - from Java classes' unit tests and frameworks, integration tests of applications' architectural layers to the testing of complex asynchronous long-running processes of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) applications and the user interface of Web applications.

Creating automated tests, we act as professional Java developers and apply all our experience. In particular, we create correct POP models, work on the tests' extensible architecture and strive to frame up our best practices in reusable elements. Thanks to this, we reduce test generation time and provide our customers with the tests that are easy to maintain, develop and manage.

We are pleased to offer you our test automation and consulting services for any type of projects - whether it be the introduction of Continuous Integration to your organization, or system reports prototyping - we will work out the way that suits your organization best!

Our most frequently ordered services are:

  1. Unit testing of any Java classes, components, frameworks, applications, and services based on JUnit with the appliance of other Java technologies and libraries.
  2. Web application testing (Web UI) using a stable and reliable Open Source Selenium/WebDriver platform.
  3. Building test launch infrastructure, including Continuous Integration Server (we usually use Jenkins), setting server configurations on your or our servers.
  4. Testing assistance, including reporting based on the results of test runs and introduction of the best practices and processes of the automated testing management.

Proprietary solutions


XML2Selenium is a system for automated testing of Web applications (and not only). XML2Selenium is an extensible, plug-in platform for creation and control of the automated tests on the basis of Java technology. XML2Selenium has JUnit integration, works over Selenium and allows creating automated tests in a simple format, understandable for general QA engineers with no programming background.

XML2Selenium also allows to manage all the phases of automated testing, from creating to running the tests. Its principal competitive advantage is a low entry cost. Junior automation specialists and even QA engineers with no programming skills create high-quality, easily supported and adjustable tests, using DDT (Data Driven Testing) approaches, which increases tests reusability. You can find more information about the product here - www.XML2Selenium.com


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