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Traditionally, the majority of Belarus’ IT-companies provide outsourcing services. We are not an exception. However, we do everything possible in order the phenomenon of “body shopping” never occurs in the result of providing such services. It’s really important for us to have active participation in different aspects of projects including management, processes, business analysis, architectural design and R&D.

We focus on Java technology. Meanwhile, it is no wonder that test automation is our essential expertise and JazzTeam’s strong point.

We apply Agile/XP based methodologies for the majority of our projects. We usually use short iterations and ask for constant customer feedback. Such approach improves the level of mutual involvement and understanding of project needs.

JazzTeam provides outsourced services with the essential part of consulting. As a rule we always have something valuable and new to suggest on the projects we do, in areas of test automation, processes management etc.

  • WEB

Our engineers have successfully implemented over a hundred projects by participating in different project stages:

  • Full cycle development
  • Participation only in some project phases (database design, architecture development etc.)
  • Maintenance&Support

We value serious projects.

You can read the full stack of our technologies.

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