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We make simple and intuitive what seemed previously difficult.

Closing a contract with an outsourcing company means not having a possibility to monitor the project’s development process, to control the work and to rapidly introduce changes in the requirements. Of course, with the advent of flexible development methodologies, the situation has changed, and now the customer company will often send a business representative to the development company, thus ensuring continuous coherence of the development process with the business needs. Still there are areas where the customer company would prefer to take charge of the development process by itself. It could be a company that develops a proper product or a company that strives to protect its achievements and business information.

Companies that would like to accurately manage their product development process, would benefit from our Mobile Teams – an innovative service in the IT outsourcing market.

The primary goal is to help the project realization on your side!

Thus, you have:

  • Idea and investments, but no programmers, no team with an appropriate level of qualification to start a project promptly and effectively
  • Programmers that are lacking technological expertise or experience in project launch but are necessary for the upcoming project in the long run.

Our Mobile Team Proposal includes:

  1. Fast and efficient start of your project: necessary preparations for its successful implementation, including business analysis, project requirements specification, assistance in choosing the programmers who would develop your product after our mobile team terminate their work (ramp up team)
  2. Continuous Integration Configuring
  3. Architecture design, creating the necessary architectural UML diagrams
  4. The first iterations of the project, the introduction of Test Driven Development and Data Driven Testing, the implementation of the best principles of Agile/Scrum/XP development in your project
  5. Trainings for your personnel: introduction to the project’s business domain and the technological peculiarities of your product development, and a gradual project transfer. We are glad to offer additional educational services, including IT Academy and JavaBrainsReloading training courses.

Our skilled professionals will be at your disposal throughout the whole development period. We will provide all the necessary consulting services and will make simple and clear what seemed previously difficult.

Experience the genuine development!

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