Constant IT industry evolution encourages JazzTeam to develop continuously. Our philosophy of success is to face the change bravely. This helps us to easily master new technology trends and increase work efficiency. We dedicate much time to the enhancement of the quality of brainwork.

JazzTeam offers professional IT trainings, only field-proven and of strictly practical nature. We develop our own training methodologies and consistently apply them in our work. Our trainers are charismatic leaders and competent psychologists who have the skills and the talent not just to inform but to inspire students.

We apply Agile in our daily work, but also enjoy an extensive experience in classical project management systems. We will guide your employees through all the specific characteristics of the studied technologies and approaches.

Only the knowledge verified by experience will bring benefit.

We are pleased to offer you our training courses for your employees and teams. JazzTeam produced a number of educational programs on the following topics:

  • The basics of Web programming
  • OOP – object oriented programming
  • Java Basic/ Advanced/ Expert
  • Java5, Java6, Java7
  • The author’s course Java Brains Reloading
  • Spring Framework
  • ORM in Java, database standardization
  • Unit testing
  • Agile/Scrum methodology: Show & Tell, Pair Programming, Code Review, Continuous Integration
IT Academy offers long-term educational courses. Real project processes are reproduced during the study. Experienced programmers provide students with only the necessary knowledge only. A big stake is placed on the development of students’ thinking and system analysis ability. We want each of our graduates to program creatively.