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Independent Audit


We Do Agile IT-Audit.

Always with the real benefit for the Customer.

We focus on benevolent interaction with a party that is subject to audit.

Short iterations and continuous interaction with the Customer allow us to advantage promptly.

It is crucial to understand the business scope of a project, to take into account the history of an analyzed team or the career of a person. The answer is simple – system thinking.

We carry out audit of:

  1. IT projects
  2. IT company’s processes
  3. IT team’s state
  4. Skills and qualities of IT companies’ top management
  5. We act as a (company in the middle)

We assist:

  • Investors to entrust money to the right people
  • Customers to choose an effective IT-company
  • Team owners and managers to extend and deepen their knowledge
  • Business owners to trust the heads of IT departments
  • IT project customers to relax or, vice versa, concentrate
  • Head Hunters to be rewarded deservedly

Administer your funds wisely!

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