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In its work JazzTeam constantly applies principles of vertical project movement. It means we always build reusable components and try to have reusability in development as much as we could. On real projects we find reusable utils, classes and approaches and move them to separated projects which could be shared between all the teams inside a company. In such way we exchange experience between teams, educate people with new technologies and increase reusability and speed we are making software for our customers.

You could watch a lesson given by Dzmitry Harachka at First Regional IT Conference Solit-2011 “Vertical projects movement”

We do business in outsourcing and provide additional valuable services to our customers, such as Continuous Integration introduction or Test Automation consulting. We follow good practices and good principles in cooperation with our clients and always ready to assist them.

That is always great when something bigger then just experience grows as a result of software development. We mean opportunity to put our experience, methodology and vision in a product. JazzTeam constantly do things in product direction, talks and presents our ideas to investors, communicate with our great partners in order to find areas with good potention for product development. We are very opened to cooperation in this area.

Please have information about our products we would like to propose to you now:

  •  XML2Selenium – extendable and pluginnable platform for creation and management of automation tests basing on Java, Selenium/WebDriver technologies.
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