XML2Selenium – the JazzTeam company’s product.

Project summary: Xml2Selenium product is an extensible, plug-in based platform for creation and control of the automated tests on the basis of Java technology. XML2Selenium is integrated with JUnit, and runs over Selenium (it’s changeable). It allows creating automated tests in a simple format, understandable for general QA engineers with no programming background. XML2Selenium also lets manage all the phases of automated testing, from creation to running the tests. XML2Selenium addresses all key problems of Test Automation and offers an elegant and simple solution – to use a basic XML format as a development language for tests. XML2Selenium is integrated with Maven, Jenkins, Junit, Selenium, BrowserStack.


  • JS libraries/plugins: JQuery, CodeMirror, TreeView, Vkbeautify, AnglarJS
  • Web/Automation: Selenium, WebDriver, XML/XSLT/XSD/XPath
  • Others: Mockito, JUnit, Jetty, Groovy, Reflection, Jaxb2, Xuggle (video recording), custom plugin architecture


  • Jenkins
  • Maven
  • Git+Gerrit (extreme programming tool)
  • Track
  • Nexus

Project features:

  • Framework is presented as an extensible, plug-in system
  • Based on Scrum methodology operation
  • Creation of the own DSL (domain specific language) based on XML (that allows someone with no programming background create automated tests) supportive of inheritance, redefinition, reusing of code, variables, conditions etc.
  • After all tests have been done the reports (business, behavior, technical) organized as html-pages are drawn. Underway the application tested its own reports.
  • The complete cycle of developing from demands statement to embedding and user training, technical support implementation, multilingual drafting of the documentations and manuals including the interactive manual in the form of web-application instruction for beginning users.
  • Possibility of framework selftesting using data driven approach (DDT)
  • Integration with BrowserStack, JUnit, Maven, Jenkins, Selenium, WebDriver, Nexus, Eclipse, Intellij IDEA

Project results: as a result encompassing all key issues of automation and testing platform was created. This product has wide variety of benefits regarding automation. These are support for the video recording of the tests, snapshots (source of html page) and page screenshots, Groovy and JavaScript expressions, support for object-oriented XML programming etc. Product website http://xml2selenium.com was created. The sales started successfully. We installed this product and imbedded automation of testing to plenty of clients. The users were satisfied with our team performance efficiency and left positive testimonials.

Company’s achievements during the project:

  • Сoncatenating of Maven, Jenkins, JUnit, Selenium, XML in unified system.
  • Creation of extensible plug-in architecture inspired by plug-in Eclipse system.
  • During application design a lots of different tests (a few thousands) were written. The majority of these tests were written using XML2Selenium i.e. during product development our company could implemented this product itself.
  • Processes formalization (development, implementation, release activities, support, merchandising, users training).
  • Integration with numerous development environments and useful tools, for instance BrowserStack.


Hein Remmen
Hein RemmenDirector Product ManagementEzwim, the European market leader for Telecom Management Technology, Netherlands

Since we release new versions of our platform on a monthly basis, we spent a lot of time on manual regression tests.

JazzTeam completely automated our regression test set and put up the required testing infrastructure for us. Their XML2Selenium framework enables our testers to implement new test scripts without any Java knowledge. The XML2Selenium reports help us to quickly assess bugs and problem areas in our platform. The integration with BrowserStack allows us to test on all combinations of browser and OS that we want to support, without any extra effort.

JazzTeam provided excellent support and swiftly responded to all our questions and problems.

Bram CoolCEOEzwim, the European market leader for Telecom Management Technology, Netherlands

We now are in a much better position and detect bugs before our customers find them. The test automation frees our testers to focus on other quality aspects and new functionality. As a result, we offer our customers an even higher level of quality and stability of service.