Dashboard application for tracking project status.

Project summary: the software product was developed as a system for monitoring the performed work and the time spent by executors and their customers. The system allows to track the work results of various projects, to provide reports in a visual and understandable form. The developed system was designed to simplify the interaction between the company and its customers, to increase the transparency of work processes, as well as to increase the efficiency of time accounting.

Technologies: Java, MySQL, Apache Maven, JPA (Hibernate), JTA (Spring), SOAP Web-Services, RESTful-Services (Spring), Spring Security, AngularJS, JUnit, Xml2Selenium, Apache Tomcat, Jenkins, SVN.

Project features:

  • SSO (Single Sign-On) technology was implemented, that allows the user to move from one system section to another system section without re-authentication.
  • Integration with several third-party business systems was done.
  • Using AngularJS MVVM JavaScript framework for building user interface, that allows to achieve high responsiveness and reliability.
  • Taking out part of business logic to the client side of the application.
  • Creation of custom UI components by implementing the owned AngularJS directives.
  • Interaction with remote development teams.
  • Work with English-speaking customer.

Project Results:

  • Making the business analysis of requirements in the result of direct communication with customers.
  • The system has been successfully implemented and used for work in the customer's company even in the final stage of development.
  • The flexible configuration of Continuous Integration builds was done for different environments.

Company’s achievements during the project:

  • Xml2Selenium product was successfully implemented for testing user interface, as well as for creating integration tests.
  • At the early stages of development the necessary mock system have been implemented that allows in future integrate seamlessly with the real business systems.