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Development of mobile application for large chain of beauty salons

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Services: Mobile Development
  • Technologies: Data Bases, Project Management, Collaboration and Bug Tracking, Git, Jira, Apache Maven, Appium, Java, Operating Systems, JSON, Build and Dependency Platforms and Tools, Backend, Testing Frameworks, Android, Source Code Management (SCM), Test Automation, CI/CD and DevOps, Languages, Protocols, APIs, Network Tools, Software Engineering and Management Tools, Other Technologies, SQLite
  • Business Domains: Media & Entertainment, Service Sector, Gaming Industry
  • Technical Expertise: Android Software Development
  • Team size (2):
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Frontend

Business challenge

To develop mobile application for the leader of the Scandinavian market in the beauty sphere (beauty salons chain). The system should give the opportunity to book services in several salons of the chain. For users’ comfort it is necessary to create a personal account with the information about actual writes.

Project features

  • The customer wished to achieve impeccable high quality of application and insisted on using the best practices of test automation.
  • The project was given the green light for using code review, which is untypical for mobile applications development.

Technological features of the project

  • The most economical work with the server to save the customer’s funds.


Java, Maven, Android, JSON, Apium, SQLite, Git, Jira.

Approaches and solutions

  • Creation of the custom build-system. At the moment of creation of application there were no standard solutions which could provide correct operation of application at different devices. That is why our team developed a custom build-system which allows to create automatically APK-files for devices with different screen resolution.
  • Application testing. Functionality of application has been covered by Apium-autotests. Also, during the development process, a high level of code coverage with unit tests was provided.

Project results

  • The application is successfully developed and used by the customer.

Company’s achievements during the project

  • The application was created using the best practices of Android development, including naming, formatting, code style.

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