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Medication Search Service

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Industries: E-Commerce, Health Care. Fitness & Recreation
  • Services: Backend Development, Frontend Development, Software Reengineering, Refactoring and Modernization. Cloud Migration, Software Integration Services
  • Software Categories and Types: B2C Solutions
  • IT Architecture Paradigms and Approaches: Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Technical Expertise: Java Server Side Development, Web Development, Databases, Scalable Projects. Containerization and Microservices, Data Transformation
  • Technologies: SQL, Data Bases, Project Management, Collaboration and Bug Tracking, Java Transaction API (JTA), Apache Solr, Frontend, Java, MongoDB, Java Enterprise Edition (EE), jqGrid, Spring MVC, Oracle DB, JavaScript, JavaScript Frameworks, Backend, Spring, Standards and Protocols, Spring Data, jQuery, Languages, Protocols, APIs, Network Tools, SOAP WebServices, Software Engineering and Management Tools, Quartz Job Scheduler, Various Platforms, Solutions and Engines, Bugzilla, Java Libraries, NoSQL DBs, DB Languages
  • Team size (5):
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA Manual
  • 1 Frontend
  • 2 Backend

Project summary

The development of a new generation pharmacological search service (high-load nature, clusterable, geo-location) and its integration with the infrastructure of one of the leaders of regional pharmacological import.


Technologies: MongoDB, Spring (JTA, WebServices, SpringData, SpringMVC), JQuery, Oracle, SQL, Quartz, Apache Solr

Project features: a start-up nature of the project, very short iterations, external management, and constant change in the requirements.

Project results

Our team has completed several stages of the project. Within these activities a UI prototype was created, as well as a prototype model for all the basic server operations for working with MongoDB and Oracle databases. Besides, we built the architecture for the replication of changes in the NoSQL database into a relational database.

Company’s achievements during the project

  • Several new technologies were rapidly introduced to the working processes.
  • The team was able to effectively operate under fairly strict time constraints.

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