Medication Search Service

Project summary: the development of a new generation pharmacological search service (high-load nature, clusterable, geo-location) and its integration with the infrastructure of one of the leaders of pharmacological Russian import.

Technologies: MongoDB, Spring (JTA, WebServices, SpringData, SpringMVC), JQuery, Oracle, SQL, Quartz, Apache Solr

Project features: a start-up nature of the project, very short iterations, external management, and constant change in the requirements.

Project results: our team has completed several stages of the project. Within these activities a UI prototype was created, as well as a prototype model for all the basic server operations for working with MongoDB and Oracle databases. Besides, we built the architecture for the replication of changes in the NoSQL database into a relational database.

Company’s achievements during the project:

  • Several new technologies were rapidly introduced to the working processes.
  • The team was able to effectively operate under fairly strict time constraints.