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Java applet for training and testing

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Services: Product Development, Test Automation Services, Manual Testing Services, Early-Stage Innovation, R&D Services, Software Maintenance and Support Services
  • Technologies: Apache Maven, Data Bases, REST, Project Management, Collaboration and Bug Tracking, Jira, JUnit / TestNG, CI/CD Automation Servers, Jenkins, Java Standard Edition (SE), Java, Apache Subversion (SVN), Build and Dependency Platforms and Tools, Backend, NetBeans, Testing Frameworks, IDE, Source Code Management (SCM), Test Automation, Galen Framework, Standards and Protocols, Java Applets, CI/CD and DevOps, Languages, Protocols, APIs, Network Tools, Software Engineering and Management Tools, Swing, Java AWT, Fest Swing, Paradox
  • Business Domains: Health Care. Fitness & Recreation
  • Software Categories and Types: Education Software
  • IT Architecture Paradigms and Approaches: Data Driven Testing (DDT), Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Technical Expertise: Test Automation, Research and Development (R&D)
  • Team size (6):
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA Manual
  • 1 QA Automation
  • 1 Frontend
  • 1 Backend
  • 1 Business Analyst

Project summary

Java applet for training and testingThe developed system allows to treat patients with mental illness on the basic of author’s professor medical technique. Java Applet technology has been selected as the best variant of project realization. The applet loads educational and testing scenarios from media-server. To describe scenarios the specialized DSL (Domain Specific Languages) based on XML was used. Applet supports many exercises formats such as Drag and Drop, choosing the correct answer from the proposed variants, text typing and so on. Exercises appearance is created using NetBeans IDE visual editor in java swing-forms. The applet dynamically loads swing-forms from media-server and displays them. This allows personally medical personnel to create test scenarios without programmer help. Besides exercise formats the applet supports various special effects, such as scrolling, flashing and smooth transitions.


Technologies: Java Applets, AWT/Swing, Restful web-services, NetBeans forms, Custom classloading, Maven, Jenkins, SVN, Jira Agile, JUnit, Applet UI-testing features (FestSwing).


Project features

  • Test screens and forms were developed in NetBeans IDE visual editor and were placed on media-server. The applet connected to the server, loaded forms and reproduced them in the test scenarios.
  • To describe test scenarios the specialized DSL based on XML was developed.
  • Very short iterations, two releases per week.
  • Jira, Agile, virtual scrum board were used for tasks managing and tracking.
  • Data Driven Testing approaches were applied.
  • The application signing with commercial customer certificate.
  • Automated software UI-tests with Robot class were written for the applet.
  • Customization of various swing-components and creation of custom effects in swing-application.

Project results

  • The developed applet helped to test the new medical professor’s method of treating people with mental illness.
  • The applet has been successfully implemented in many medical institutions (hospitals).
  • The applet allows customer to reduce the cost of medical services for mental illness treatment.

Company’s achievements during the project

  • Our company has offered many interesting architectural and technical solutions:
  • NetBeans IDE test screens development approach. This approach allows customer without programming skills to develop educational and test scenarios for treatment;
  • the specialized DSL for describing the educational and test scenarios;
  • Swing-components customization and adding various special effects.
  • All necessary environment for the whole system operation was installed on the customer’s server.
  • Our company has offered to customer a lot of new ideas and approaches, some of them have been already implemented.
  • Our team has successfully coped with the tasks under conditions of tight time schedule, very short iterations and nonstandard architectural and technical solutions.


Jaume Simon, Project Manager, Euglia Telemedicina, Medical company specializing in the treatment, rehabilitation training and scientific research, Spain

Development outsourcing is a powerful tool when properly done. Three conditions must be met for a project to succeed: Fluid information exchange, technical excellence and very high quality standards. Jazzteam staff have wholly fulfilled these requirements during the development of Euglia Telemedicina.

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