System of Paperwork and Business Processes Automation in Environmental Activities

Project summary: a major project of an estimated work amount of 5 man-years. Our task consisted in developing a whole range of applications, which had to interact between themselves according to the SOA principles. Administrative part was created as a separate application and used as a fully independent component, being able to work in conjunction with any newly developed business application. Single Sign One support was one of the project requirements, for this purpose we developed a service for a safe key assignment.

Technologies: Eclipse, Linux, MySql, Maven, JPA (Hibernate), JTA (Spring), Web-Services, Struts, JQuery, JSP, Servlets, JUnit, Selenium/WebDriver, Fitnesse

Project features: the project was carried out according to Scrum methodology; nevertheless it didn’t prevent us from providing a long-sighted Project Plan to our business customer.

Project results: all project works were completed successfully. Basing on our experience, the customer succeeded in creating a proper team of developers and continued the project independently. Forming a proper software developing team was one of the initial goals of the customer at the project start.

Company’s achievements during the project:

  • Integrating Fitnesse tests with the Maven project infrastructure
  • Creation of Unit tests for the server-end portion of application