CRM System for Major Telecom Company

Project summary: our company participated in a CRM customization for a large telecom company. The volume of work for only our part of the project reached about 5 man-years while the scale of the entire system - dozens of man-years. The work included a number of customization tasks for the UI and the Amdocs Clarify CRM-system backend, and its integration with the other customer's systems applying SOAP web services and Enterprise Service Bus. Integration and isolating unit tests were run for the developed function. Another task included employing automated Jubula based tests for the GUI front end and their activation in a continuous integration environment Jenkins. To deal with the large number of users and to reduce the load on the server, we optimized the SQL and the Oracle database. We adhered to the Scrum/Agile development methodology, with full respect for all the processes and a biweekly launch (deploy in live).

Technologies: Amdocs Clarify CRM, Oracle (database, WebLogic application server, Enterprise Service Bus), SQL, Apache Ant, SOAP Web Services, Jax-WS, Jubula (UI automation tool), JUnit, Eclipse, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Jira (+ greenhopper), SVN, Cisco CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

Project features:

  • Customer's key demands included a complete observance of scrum-processes, iterative planning, SCRUM-poker for labor expenses evaluation, greenhopper for the electronic SCRUM-board administration.
  • Key developers had to work at the customer's site
  • Regular business trips of the entire team to the customer to conduct SCRUM-activities
  • Complete life cycle work with the requirements the stories and the customer's participation in the planning
  • A great deal of attention to the performance (optimization at the Oracle database level)
  • System integration with CTI

Project results: the CRM was introduced to many business-processes of the Telecom company (corporate and retail sales, technical support, retention of permanent clients, settlement services, registration of client appeals to the call-centers).

Company's achievements during the project:

  • Distributed SCRUM implementation
  • Scheduling of business trips to the customer's site for planning, demo and retrospection (delivery and taking up new development tasks)
  • Established interaction with the business analysts' remote team and SCRUM-retrospectives for the customer
  • Page Object pattern was embedded in the customer's automated tests, which increased the speed of test creation
  • Frameworks and Amdocs Clarify technologies stack was studied and applied within short time