Automated UI Tests for Travel Industry

Project summary: our task was to restore the obsolete automated UI Selenium 1.0 tests for customer's product in the travel industry. The next stage included transfer of the existing tests on Selenium2/WebDriver, implementation of PageObject based architecture, creating new tests for a larger number of test cases, introduction of the automated tests management principles, approaches and processes to the customer's product, and tying the tests to the business-documentation.

Technologies: JUnit, Selenium1-2, WebDriver; Jenkins, Maven, Eclipse, Linux.

Project features: the new tests created by the project team, should have been used to test the existing installation of the product, so we applied Data Driven Testing pattern.

Project results: all phases of the project were completed successfully. Our business customer has implemented new processes and started to employ both the restored and new automated tests.

Company's achievements during the project:

  • Building architecture based on the PageObject pattern.
  • Creation and support of licenses, which let both the developer and the customer to manage the tests.
  • Processes formalization and creation of necessary manuals.


Maria Bondarenko
Maria Bondarenko, Co-owner, GP Software.Travel,  Information Technology and Services, Belarus, Germany

JazzTeam company participated in test automation of one of our projects.
I'd like to mention the team's expertise of the necessary technologies, a full competency in the use of tools, including the CI system Jenkins and the good quality of the rendered services. The company's engineers have proposed and implemented a number of architectural enhancements, participated in the project's process organization and have been always ready to make advances.