Automated testing web application related to Geofence Marketing

Project summary: the main goal of the project is to cover web application with automated Selenium tests. This application allows by using Geofencing to attract the attention of potential buyers, located in a given radius from the object, and thus the business owner can get more benefits.

Geofencing is a contemporary service providing automatic detection and implementation of the planned action in case the client mobile device enters a pre-designated area or leaves that area.

The client creates his account in the application and in case he enters a particular area, it can be shopping centers, restaurants, casinos, etc., the client gets advertising content messages on his smartphone (or tablet). All you need in order to send/receive such messages is a mobile application and GPS coordinates of the client mobile device.

During the development more than 2000 tests have been realized. It significantly increased the stability of releases. Moreover the infrastructure for automatically build and application testing was created. While working on the project Jenkins, Virtual Network Computing (VNC) was used, Linux server administration was carried out.

Technologies: Selenium WebDriver, Virtual Network Computing (VNC), Jenkins, Git, Jira, TestNG, Maven, TestRail, XPath, Linux.


Project features:

  • Integration of test automation system with TestRail (system for tests documentation managing and to track execution and report metrics).
  • On this project the full cycle of Continuous Integration was implemented.
  • Work with the customer, located in another time zone (9 hours difference).
  • Development was carried out in accordance with Scrum principles:
    • daily status meetings (stand up);
    • weekly planning, demo and the sprint summing up.

Project results:

  • Coped with all the challenges successfully and on time.
  • Acted as a frontend development consultant: the problem of application components compatibility with different browsers have been resolved, various multimedia HTML5 features were implemented in the application, code refactoring was carried out.
  • In conditions of difficult multi-module architecture the new components implementation and support was successfully realized.

Company's achievements during the project:

  • Successful development approaches were proposed and implemented:
    • Data Driven Testing - testing approach, in which test data is stored separately from the script (in xls file).
  • Documentation creating and supporting that allows the development team and the customer to manage tests.
  • The processes formalization and creation of the required manuals.


Alex Alexandrov, QA Manager, The leading provider of innovative mobile solutions for the casino gaming industry, Santa Clara, USA

After initial project setup processes our venture became very efficient. You started this project with only 20 test cases being covered and after 1 year we had 700 of them. This changed our company's strategy a lot. Your team became a key part of our test processes and earned great level of respect from our team and high management.

I also want to highlight high professional level of your team members. They have wide spectrum of knowledge in many technical software programming related skill, were able to analyze and resolve any issue we faced over this time. All technologies implemented by your team made us very strong and successful on highly competitive market of Silicon Valley.

Over all we are so happy about our mutual work and looking forward to increase our business with you, spreading it to other areas.