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Account register in cloud services

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Industries: Telecom Industry, Media & Entertainment
  • Services: Product Development, Backend Development, Frontend Development, Manual Testing Services, Project Management, Early-Stage Innovation, R&D Services, Software Maintenance and Support Services
  • Software Categories and Types: SaaS Solutions
  • IT Architecture Paradigms and Approaches: Enterprise Integration Patterns, Architectural Patterns
  • Technical Expertise: Java Server Side Development, Web Development, Research and Development (R&D), Databases, Scalable Projects. Containerization and Microservices, Cloud Enablement, Migration, Implementation
  • DevOps Expertise: Linux Advanced, Advanced build organization, CI/CD Basics, CI/CD Advanced, Virtual Machines, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Technologies: Data Bases, Apache Maven, phpMyAdmin, JUnit / TestNG, Java Standard Edition (SE), Selenium WebDriver, MySQL, Java, Frontend, IDE, Build and Dependency Platforms and Tools, JSON, Backend, JavaScript, Spring, Development Infrastructure and Tools, Test Automation, MySQL Workbench, CI/CD and DevOps, APIs, Languages, Protocols, APIs, Network Tools, Zabbix, Software Engineering and Management Tools, Swing, Java Libraries, Apache HTTP Client, Captcha APIs
  • Team size (2):
  • 2 Project Manager

Project summary

The project goal was to develop console java utility, which begins to register accounts in cloud services (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc) at start, and to put information about accounts into the database. This utility can be run as manually, as automatically on schedule or if a receiving of some amount of accounts is needed. Algorithms and ways of security bypasses from the automated registrations and following findings of the automatically registered accounts are thought over:

  • Using accounts of popular email services (Google, Yandex)
  • Using services of manual captcha identification;
  • Algorithms, which emulate the work of the real user;
  • Usage of proxy.

The following set of additional utilities is included to the register of accounts:

  • Utility for automated updating of proxy lists. Proxies are taken from the third-party sites;
  • Web interface, due to which it is possible to interact faster with the utility, if it’s been installed into server;
  • Statistic analyzer allows checking what accounts were banned, determining the ban reason and fixing it.


Technologies: Java 7, Spring, Selenium, Apache HttpClient, Json, Zabbix, Junit, Maven, SDK of cloud services and input of anti-captcha service, JavaScript, MySQL, Swing.


Project features

  • The work in the distributed team.
  • Our team also manage administration of servers along with developing.
  • Efficient project management on the base of agile methodology, using JIRA Agile.

Project results

In the process of working on the project the required functionality of the product was fully realized. Besides, some new elements, offered by our developers’ team, also became a part of the product. Our team completely satisfied expectations of the customer concerning the performance, competency and an ability to coordinate activity efficiently to achieve desired goals.

Company’s achievements during the project

  • Business analysis of requirements was conducted during the face-to-face customer communication.
  • Scrum processes were built. They provided the efficient work in the distributed team and stable iterations.
  • A large amount of the architecture solutions was suggested and implemented by the team.
  • The full set of documentation was prepared, that significantly simplifies the product support and maintenance by another team.


The project auctioneer

JazzTeam developers were involved in business analysis of our project requirements, implemented all the tasks completely and on time, and met our expectations of successful teamwork.

The product has been designed and implemented by JazzTeam experts based on unique data storage and encryption algorithms that ensure a smooth, uniform distribution of user data in various cloud storage accounts. А large number of architectural solutions have been implemented, that helped to stabilize and expand the functionality of the project.

Effective solution from JazzTeam was to establish processes in the team and implementation of Scrum/Agile methodology. As a result, everyone in the distributed team was interested in the effective implementation of the project, that allowed to reach the stable iterations.

From our point of view, it has a positive impact on improving the quality of our product: the unique cloud storage service has been created with excellent scalability and the most modern architecture.

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