For IT Specialists

Development path of JazzTeam Company lies in the area of software engineering in innovation sector. Real talent and proved skills, flexibility, professionalism are the important keys to go over. We are team-players and our vision to success is based on progressive methodologies of IT-projects management.

We believe and prove it every day that our success strongly depends on each team member’s way of thinking, self-monitoring, motivation. That means programming and engineering is not everything but only part among other important concept company should apply in the teams. Our company has an ongoing belief in listening to its Customers’ actual needs and fully follows principles of positive thinking. Сonscious personal development of every team member gives the best result ever. As programming in the first turn is a process of effective and creative thinking indeed.

To our JazzTeam Commandos we offer:

  • Job in young and creative team, dealing with challenging projects.
  • Participation in Research and Development activities of the company.
  • Development of JazzTeam’ own exciting products.
  • Participation in research of fresh technologies application.
  • Possibility to participate in innovative IT business management (mobile teams, company in the middle, IT-audit). And we use Agile/Scrum/XP every day!
  • Free full access to our own educational technologies and approach (IT-Academy, Java Brains Reloading).
  • Active participation in social IT events: conferences, seminars, exhibitions.
  • The company coordinates a range of social projects: First in Belarus regional IT-conference, Belarus Open Source Lab, public open IT-lectures in Soligorsk city.
  • Fair wages, encouraging social package (sport activities payment, 5 times per year medical off without a reason, 2 times per year entertaining corporate parties).
  • Company’ Founder Dzmitry Harachka is an experienced and matured Java Developer and Software Architect, that is why you never have misunderstandings between developers and management.

There are no irrelevant principles and negativism in our company. We always value honesty and opennes, kindness and sympathy. Your path is right when you follow your mission!

We are always glad to have a talk with You! Please check our vacancies and surely contact us! Join JazzTeam Agile Java Development company!