JazzTeam develops IT services and solutions for E-Commerce

IT Solutions in E-Commerce

Development of integration between Magento eCommerce platform and Epicor Prophet 21 ERP system
E-Commerce, Supply Chain, Inventory & Order Management
Wholesalers Business Transformation with Tailored ERP Solutions
E-Commerce, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Finances, Supply Chain, Inventory & Order Management
Team Augmentation for Interior Design Portal Frontend Development
10x Faster Deployments in a Large E-commerce Platform through CI/CD Consulting and Implementation
E-Commerce, Finances, Supply Chain, Inventory & Order Management
Scaling for Big Enterprises of a Complex E-Commerce Product through Consulting the Founders
E-Commerce, Finances, Supply Chain, Inventory & Order Management
Migration to another platform for a stable web application
E-Commerce, Finances, Supply Chain, Inventory & Order Management
Mule Integration for Major Dutch Retailer to Streamline Bicycle Purchase Process
Unifying E-Commerce Systems to Streamline Business Processes: Integration of JDE ERP and Magento
E-Commerce, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Manufacturing
Commercial Mule Connector to the Master Data Management System to Catalyze Business Development
Doubling Company Sales by Developing a Commercial Mule Connector for IBM Mainframe
E-Commerce, IT Industry
High-Load Pharmacological Search Service: Full Stack Development and Integration with Main Market Players
E-Commerce, Health Care. Fitness & Recreation
30% IT Costs Saving through Transferring Application from On-Premise into the Cloud
E-Commerce, Distribution Management System

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