Our company specialists successfully held XML2Selenium training in Krasnodar (Russia) for one of our clients. The two-day session allowed the QA engineers team to begin to write XML2Selenium tests, though the only one of 5-members team is developer, the other ones are manual testers and they mastered our XML2Selenium product without great difficulties. Before training we spent a few preparative mini-trainings via Skype, whereby for our arriving the guys already had our product locally installed, knew some features of writing tests, examined the User Manual and the set of predefined tests “Best Practices”, which is available on the official  product website.

During the training we familiarized the team with a set of educational materials in public access and answered all the questions arose. We made a note to ourself of a few interesting ideas, some of which already have been implemented at the moment, for example “back & forward” navigation functionality in the browser history, which has been realized by inserting on Java Script (sometimes you don’t need to create new plug-ins, because our product supports Java Script and Groovy inserts that can be made as re-used functions).

After such busy training the QA engineers team received the first production tasks and our specialists continue XML2Slenium support for the customer company, answering questions and advising how to solve the arose challenges effectively and quickly.