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Types and features of Mule connector testing

    Introduction Mule connector testing is a necessary step of its implementation. The following different types of testing are considered here: Functional tests, which purpose is to verify whether the connector’s behavior is right (the work of processors and methods that..

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    Best practices for Mule project

      In this document some best practices and remarks are gathered, which were determined by our engineers during their work on projects, where the integration platform MuleESB is used. 1)  Naming conventions. Mule flow by itself and its components should have..

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      Best practices of designing REST API

        Hello, dear readers! Before you start reading this article, I would like to describe the purpose of its creation, and tell you what prompted me to write it. Once the need to design a server application in the REST style..

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        Why do you need to conduct code review?

          Improves the code quality: two heads are better than one. Knowing that the code will be reviewed by someone the developer writes code more attentively. The developer will comment code in a better way to avoid a big amount of..

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          Java applets signing

            Java applets allow to making interactive interface and use a lot of additional Java functionalities. Such as sound playing, access to the computer file system, downloading external data using all kinds of protocols even with use of simple socket, image..

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            Manual for XPath Study

              Our company staff has created manual for XPath Study. It is written in simple and accessible language and is primarily intended for automation testers studying at the training course held in the company. But we are confident that this manual is..

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