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Defender’s day at JazzTeam

    In Belarus, as in all CIS countries, there is one holiday fully dedicated to male population, especially to militaries, it is called Defender of the Fatherland Day. Women express gratitude to men for their bravery, strength and honor. Traditionally, the..

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    Love is…JazzTeam

      Saint Valentine's Day is one of the sweetest, romantic and gentle days of the year. We know St. Valentine as a patron of all couples in love, but who said that such a romantic holiday can not be celebrated at..

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      Secret Santa in JazzTeam

        New Year is really close and our team decided not to break with established traditions in the company and perform an anonymous gifts exchange ceremony "Secret Santa" this year too. The point of this event is that employees give each..

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        Company party of JazzTeam 6th anniversary

          This year JazzTeam company party was completely full of fun, chatting and adventures. Our talented organizers, without changing the company's habit of actively spending leisure time, managed to mix cultural events and sport activities. The program started with a crazy..

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          Time for Jazz

            Being professionals in the area of IT solutions, JazzTeam is always ready to take part in other creative fields, such as music, especially when this music is Jazz. Several Jazz music evenings were carried out in clubs and cafes of..

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            JazzTeam Californication

              California is the most populous and the most multifaceted state of America. It attracts by its resorts with ocean washed beaches, by its nature with incredible national parks and mountain waterfalls, but for IT professionals it is primarily the heart..

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