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We participated in sTARTUp Day 2023

    From 15 to 17 of March 2023 we took part in the sTARTUp Day festival that is held annually in Tartu (Estonia). sTARTUp Day is the most startup-minded business festival in the Baltics region, bringing together startups, traditional entrepreneurs, investors,..

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    RabbitMQ Federation Plugin

      In article «RabbitMQ Federation plugin», we demonstrated an example of creating a federation for two RabbitMQ clusters. But this doesn’t mean that more clusters cannot be linked. RabbitMQ – a software message broker – is an open source application that..

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      Our team took part in the MobileFest event

        From 26 to 28 of January 2023 our team visited beautiful Istanbul to take part in the MobileFest event. MobileFest is an international telecom-oriented exhibition and business forum. Last year more than 10.000 visitors from all around the world took..

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        Useful features of Lodash library

          Lodash is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to work with arrays, numbers, objects, strings by providing many useful methods. Thanks to this library, we can not waste time implementing logic and algorithms, but simply use ready-made Lodash methods..

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          Black Box Testing by developers

            Writing test scripts for applications with a non-standard architecture requires the developer to have a higher level of skill in general and knowledge of the nuances of implementing the system under test, in particular. The article Black Box Testing by..

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            Completed VoIP integration with Zapier

              We are glad to inform you that our team of professionals successfully completed work on the next task “VoIP integration experience in Zapier“. Implementation of integration between the Kazoo VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) platform and the Zapier platform. The..

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              What is Flexbox?

                When creating site layouts, you often have to solve a number of trivial tasks related to the alignment and placement of blocks on the page. There are a huge number of solutions to these problems, but they often require a..

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                Our team took part in the VDS 2022

                  At JazzTeam our mission is to improve the world around us by providing our customers with professional services for reliable, technological, and transparent software development. We aim to contribute to the digital transformation of our customers’ businesses using the principles..

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