Development of the customer application business component: advancement from a project manager to a product owner

Business challenge

The customer’s company is developing an innovative product for internal needs, which needs to be quickly implemented and also receive feedback from users (sales and marketing departments) regularly. However, the team did not have a dedicated specialist for this activity.

A JazzTeam manager was involved in this project to manage the development processes. At the same time, he quickly realized that the process of development and user testing of the software was not systematic. Our manager had the following task: to organize software development based on the user needs and plan deliveries accordingly, as well as to perform their basic management duties to a high standard.

Development of the customer application business component

Block diagram: Development of the customer application business component

Approaches and solutions

  • Proactive position. The JazzTeam manager adhered to the proactive culture from the beginning of the project and tried to understand the project’s features to the fullest extent. As a result, he had a good understanding of the product life cycle, the principles of delivery management, and the specifics of the market for which the software was created. This approach convinced the customer that we were interested in the development of their product, and fueled their confidence in our specialist.
  • Continuous communication with the customer. In his work, the manager relied on such principles as openness, honesty, and regular feedback. He regularly initiated communication with the customer to try and understand their wishes and issues. Having obtained a complete picture of the product features and customer expectations, the manager made proposals for the business development of the software.
  • Application of best practices of development and testing on the project. With his understanding of how an effective delivery management process should take place, the JazzTeam manager organized the process of implementing CI/CD and test management on the project. This strengthened the customer’s confidence in the technological expertise of our specialist, and led to the idea that he can be entrusted with the management of deliveries.
  • Participation in the development of product business functions. Having gained the customer’s confidence, the manager proceeded to the active development of the product. He also set up the process of receiving feedback from users and constantly generated new ideas for improving the software.

Results and achievements

  • All responsibilities for iteration planning on the project were transferred to the JazzTeam manager. The customer made sure that our specialist could dive deep into the project and build effective processes of software development.
  • The manager was asked to act as a product owner. Upon seeing the sincere interest of our manager and his deep understanding of user needs and requirements, the customer asked our manager to play the role of the product owner on the project. This demonstrates the high degree of trust that our specialist managed to gain through effective approaches to management and communication. Our managers are ready for many challenges, whether it is an active participation in consulting or in the customer’s business.

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