The most frequently used frontend tools manual

    Introduction This manual contains a description of useful and the most frequently used front-end tools. The process of installing tools and the main points of working with them are described here. NPM Introduction Third-party libraries and plugins are often added..

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    JazzTeam Californication

      California is the most populous and the most multifaceted state of America. It attracts by its resorts with ocean washed beaches, by its nature with incredible national parks and mountain waterfalls, but for IT professionals it is primarily the heart..

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      Types and features of Mule connector testing

        Introduction Mule connector testing is a necessary step of its implementation. The following different types of testing are considered here: Functional tests, which purpose is to verify whether the connector’s behavior is right (the work of processors and methods that..

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        Best practices for Mule project

          In this document some best practices and remarks are gathered, which were determined by our engineers during their work on projects, where the integration platform MuleESB is used. 1)  Naming conventions. Mule flow by itself and its components should have..

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          Release of 1.39.2 version of XML2Selenium

            Please check what is included into new version of XML2Selenium and switch to it in your development. New functional of version 1.39.2 The "smart pause" functionality - waiting for the mandatory element before performing any action on the test page..

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