NoSQL approach in data storing

    This article describes NoSQL, an approach of data storing different from the classic RDBMS. Their general distinguishing characteristics are described: ACID, BASE, details and requirements for each type of database (DB). Types of NoSQL databases are revealed, examples (implementations) of..

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    Reactive programming on the example of Akka

      Reactive programming concept The beginning of the 21st century was marked by the appearance of large systems which a huge number of users work with. Every second the number of requests to the system is calculated not in thousands, but..

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      DevOps. Ansible and Docker

        The aim of this article is to talk a little about what Ansible and Docker are, to give examples of when they can be used and how, combining the two technologies, can simplify the life of QA specialists. Terms and..

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        Templates in JBoss Drools

          Terms and definitions DRL is short for Drools Rules Language, a format for drools rules writing. KIE is a public API developed by JBoss, it includes several technologies, including Droоls. MVEL is a hybrid dynamically/statically typed, embedded expression language in..

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          XXVI SQA Days and how a tester can catch luck

            High quality software and competent testing are the basis of our work. We strive not only to meet our customers’ expectations, but also to exceed them. That is why constant training, monitoring of trends, exploring new approaches and introducing the..

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            Test automation on Node.js

              Introduction This article will discuss the use of Selenium-Webdriver, which is a tool for automating the actions of a web browser on Node.js platform. At one of the projects, we had the task to develop Web UI autotests. One of..

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