Why choose JazzTeam

We don’t offer a typical product with standard functionality, but we offer our customers specific solutions that makes sense for your business. Our ultimate goal is to add value to your business.

  • Professionalism and responsibility
    Our specialists have extensive knowledge and practical experience necessary for the implementation of any complex projects. We are professionals in Java development (certified experts, scrum masters).
  • Long-term partnerships with customers
    We regard to each client as a partner and focus on long-term cooperation with him for mutual benefit. This allows accumulating exclusive knowledge of the client’s business, which helps deliver the highest quality services with lower investments.
  • Strict adherence to project management technology, system approach
    Project management based on international standards, the usage of modern methodologies Agile/Scrum, system approach and system analysis. We use effective strategies for offshore project management, eXtreme Programming, Continuous integration.
  • Reasonable cost
    Our clients benefit from the smart offshore/nearshore delivery model. We can boast the best IT talents from Eastern Europe, a region famous for its strong educational system and analytical skills, while offering reasonable rates. We staff our project teams with top regional software professionals.
  • The principle of information confidentiality
    All confidential information about the client and received from the client is kept in complete secrecy. The general information is disclosed only with the consent of the client.


  • One of our customers is Ezwim, the market leader in Telecom Management Technology in Europe. Ezwim provides services to companies such as Omnitel, O2, Vodafone.
  • As subcontractors, we have worked with such recognized world leaders as Samsung and Rostelecom.
  • Our employees working as part of other companies participated in the software development for Sopera, British Telecom, Datalex.
  • Our company has extensive experience with Internet of Things startups in Russia, Spain, Germany, USA (Silicon Valley).
  • Our engineers carried out the project for the Latvian government.

Under the leadership of our general contractors JazzTeam (or our current employees as a part of other companies) have worked for companies such as